The 4G's a bit like Appletise(r)

I've been watching the whole "what is 4G" argument from afar for a little while. The announcement (or rather dribbling out of the information) that HSPA+ etc would henceforth be included in the definition of 4G was astounding. Using my overdeveloped analogy skills, hard-earned through years as an analyst I was put in mind of...Appletise.

Back in the 80s there was a drink called Appletise. Not Appletiser, Appletise. But most people seemed to be incapable of calling it by its real name and called it Appletiser. I would characterise these people as idiots. Unfortunately, such was the wilful ignorance of the British public that Appletiser became the name used in common parlance. What did the company do? Did they stand up and say to the British public "stop, the name of our product is Appletise, please refer to it as such"? No they didn't. The company showed eel-like backbone and changed the name to Appletiser. This might not be exactly what went on in the boardroom but it was certainly how it seemed to me as a pedantic teenager.

The ITU has, if anything, been even weaker in its approach as it wasn't one born of consumer pressure. No-one was refering to this stuff as 4G before. It was entirely pressure from telcos. Pathetic.

NB - As a little addendum, I checked and the drink's originally from South Africa where it was always called Appletiser, so all you South Africans are forgiven and can call it 4G if you like.


Unknown said…
Appletiser has been called Appletiser everywhere except the UK since it was first made in 1965 in South Africa.