Wireless Noodle Episode 23: They may be virtual but the change is real

Matt dives into the obsessions that IoT companies have with value chains and their position in them, plus a look at the increasingly vibrant IoT MVNO world. And a little bit on Everynet's new US LoRaWAN network.  You can access the podcast  here , or via  Google ,  Apple ,  Amazon  or  Spotify .  An approximate transcript of the podcast is available below.  Tech vendors are excessively obsessed with the concept of the value chain, to the detriment of delivering value to their customers. Welcome to this week’s Wireless Noodle. I’m delving into value chains this week, as well as looking a the IoT MVNO market, which has been vibrant recently, plus a little bit on Everynet’s US LoRaWAN deployment. <> IoT companies are (implicitly or explicitly) excessively obsessed with the value chain and their positions within it. It means the focus is always on how the product fits relative to their peers rather than relative to customer needs.  The first problem with the value chain in IoT is

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