Wireless Noodle Episode 21: IoT will save the world!

This week Matt delves into the ways in which the Internet of Things will help to avert climate disaster, some troubling survey results, and how IoT cellular connections evolved in 2020. You can access the podcast  here , or via  Google ,  Apple ,  Amazon  or  Spotify .  An approximate transcript of the podcast is available below.  The Internet of Things will save the world. Welcome to this week’s Wireless Noodle. It’s been another extended gap since the last episode. Things are busy here at Transforma Insights towers. I’ll talk about a few things we’ve been doing in the next couple of weeks. Today I wanted to share details on a major piece of work we did on the environmental impact of new technologies. Plus a few bits of news that caught my eye. <> Back in April we published a report we had compiled in conjunction with 6GWorld and InterDigital looking at the impact of disruptive technologies on the environment. And I’m pleased to report that it’s largely positive, particularly th

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