Wireless Noodle Episode 31: Does Matter matter?

This week’s episode examines several interesting standards relevant to connectivity and IoT. First are Matter and Thread, which collectively promise to drive the smart home market. Additionally Matt looks at the 5G Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) and the Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) device management protocol.  You can access the podcast  here , or via  Google ,  Apple ,  Amazon  or  Spotify .  An approximate transcript of the podcast is available below: Welcome to this week’s Wireless Noodle. This week I’ll be drilling into some interesting IoT technologies. First up is the new emerging standards for connected home, Matter and Thread. Then something a little technical in the form of 5G Network Data Analytics function (NWDAF). Finally a look at Lightweight M2M, the standard for device management, particularly relevant for constrained IoT devices. Smart home: Matter and Thread The smart home market has been perpetually on the cusp of explosion for the last decade or two. However, wit

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