IFPI on mobile music

Bit late I know, but the IFPI published its report on 2006 music sales on the 17th January. On the mobile side of things they reported a few interesting nuggets:
  • Total value of the digital music market globally was $2bn (up from $1.1bn in '05 and $380m in '04)
  • Europe accounted for about 20% of the digital music market
  • Mobile music accounted for half of digital music, but it was a bit skewed by the figures in Japan, where mobile accounted for 90%. In Italy and Spain mobile music also dominated the digital music market

So if the digital music market in Europe is worth all of $400m (€300m-ish) then the mobile music market probably accounts for about €50m. To put that in context, the total mobile market is worth €200 billion.

Music the saviour of mobile????