Lots of interesting stuff from 3GSM
  1. Location - GPS and A-GPS seem to really be stirring an interest. So many location companies. Could we finally be seeing the rebirth of LBS? Possibly, but only when the devices come down in price. Nokia 6110 at €450 anyone. Those unit prices should come down soon and we may actually see GPS in high and mid-tier devices as standard. Big US pressure for it obviously thanks to the E-911 directive.
  2. Mobile internet - plenty of moves to mobilize web 2.0 applications. Which is nice. Nokia and Vodafone both announced tie ups with YouTube. Also MySpace and eBay getting even more interest. Is it finally happening? Following last year's hype about mobile TV I think operators are getting the message that these types of Apps are actually the most interesting.
  3. OS - much interest in OS and a few choice announcements from Samsung and Motorola about Symbian devices. I guess Linux-based devices are a little way off yet, but did see some nice ones from HK-based e28. Vodafone re-interated that they're focusing on only 3 OSes (S60, Windows and Linux) but they even admitted that they'll be pragmatic about it. Well, they have to be really - no SonyEricssons or Blackberrys? Crazy.
  4. Form factor - Samsung phones for the next couple of quarters are looking pretty sexy. Particularly the F520. Double slider.
  5. Music - nothing from Apple. Mind you, the MusicStation announcement from Omnifone looked interesting. More later.
  6. Tim Berners-Lee - I got to meet the guy who's #99 on the list of Top 100 Greatest Britons as voted by the great British public. Mind you Princess Diana made it in at number 3, so you judge the value. On the note of royalty, I also spied Prince Andrew legging it up the Avenue. Much less interesting.
  7. Arun Sarin - looking mighty peeved in the baggage hall at Heathrow. I was also on the flight - 5 hours on the tarmac at Barcelona airport. Not fun.