Vodafone adds YouTube and eBay

Vodafone announces eBay (8th February) and YouTube Mobile (9th February) further boosting it's portolio of web 2.0 applications.

I suspect the YouTube implementation won't exactly set the pulse racing. A selection of content. Hmmm OK. It'll be interesting to see how they charge for it. If it's on Live! it must be free to browse, so it must be up-front ads, surely. That's the logical option anyway. Charging per-KB for using YouTube will result in some pretty annoyed customers. Billshock galore!

I've never been convinced about eBay on the mobile. Retail purchases (like banking, home insurance, buying your holiday etc.) will wait until you get home! The one eBay feature that's really suited to mobile is keeping tabs on how your bidding is going.