Smart meter growth 2010-2020

I'm currently putting the finishing touches to the Machina Research Connected Intelligence Report on M2M in the Utilities segment. So I thought I'd drip-feed a little bit of data from the report as I get finished.

Firstly, the total size of the installed base of smart meters globally is set to grow from 100 million in 2010 (dominated by Italy and the US) to 1.6 billion in 2015 (by which time China is comfortably the #1 market in the world, accounting for almost 1/3 of smart meters).

The report, entitled "The Global Market for Embedded Connectivity in the Utilities Sector 2010-20", to be published in April 2011, examines the M2M market opportunity in the Utilities sector. The report examines the drivers and barriers of M2M adoption and looks at the prevailing business models, the major players, technology developments and regulation.

A major feature of the report is the detailed market forecast for 54 countries and six geographical regions (North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Developed Asia and Developing Asia). For each application category (smart meters, transmission/distribution monitoring, electric vehicles and home energy management) and each country the report forecasts number of connections, traffic, technology used (cellular, powerline, MAN etc) and revenue.

The reports provide invaluable insight for those companies (such as network operators, service providers and device manufacturers) that want to understand the size and structure of the M2M market and wish to address the opportunities presented by the Utilities sector.

The price is EUR4,000 for the stand alone report and EUR6,000 including client enquiry hours and a strategy session. For further information please contact me by clicking here.