Orange launch sound wave-powered phone charger T-Shirt. If they could only make a rain-powered version.

Orange has launched a T-Shirt that charges your phone from sound waves. And what better place to launch it than Glastonbury. And that's what they're doing. See here.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Glastonbury. I couldn't get tickets this year but it's a usual fixture in my calendar. Orange has been a long-term sponsor and they've done reasonably well out of the arrangement. The Chill & Charge area where you can charge your phone normally has queues around the block. But I've yet to see a sea of people sporting Orange T-Shirts as I'm sure they'd like. This might change. If you want a charged phone, you'll have to wear an Orange T-Shirt. In terms of branding it's a genius idea. Obviously the idea of everyone wearing a uniform black T-shirt is pretty much anathema to Glasto, but kudos to Orange for coming up with something genuinely useful. Now, if they could just come up with a rain-powered version.