DTAG puts M2M partners front and centre

I spent a big portion of last week over in Rotterdam at the Deutsche Telekom M2M Partner Event. It was great to see so many of the parts of the M2M value chain all in once place. The big announcement from the event was the launch of DTAG's new partner portal. Press release here.

It was evident from the event that DTAG is taking its partnership arrangements very seriously. As I mentioned in my presentation at the event, the M2M value chain is complex and fragmented because it needs to be. It's a very diverse market and it needs specialist skills to properly address the specific requirements of each vertical sector. DTAG recognises that and understands that to be effective it needs the best partners.

Even more than that it has recognised that it can help bring together the various parts of the market from vendors to service providers worldwide to help drive the success of M2M (and maybe make a bit of money as an intermediary in the process).

One of the key elements of the new portal is to allow (and I quote) "partners, regardless of their company size and country of origin, an opportunity to present their M2M applications to providers of hardware, software and service, systems-integration and end-to-end solutions worldwide and to market these applications globally". Since devices and solutions are today quite national, it will help numerous companies to be able to promote their products and services.