Living PlanIT: Now that's what I call M2M

As I mentioned in my blogpost yesterday, I was over in Rotterdam last week speaking at DTAG's M2M partner event. As well as presenting some of Machina Research's M2M forecasts I also got to see some interesting presentations.

First up on Wednesday morning was Steve Lewis of Living PlanIT. Steve's a true visionary in M2M and some of the things they're doing are truly astounding. Take a look at their website for more details. If even half of the things that they're planning for future urban developments in places like PlanIT Valley in Portugal or North Greenwich come to fruition then we really are heading for a phenomenally connected world.

Their perspective is that as urban development occurs it should go hand-in-hand with deploying M2M. One eye-catching reference was to the presence of sensors every square meter. Not application-specific sensors, but ones that could be used for multiple applications be it child tracking, public transport, logistics or whatever. The city of the future indeed.

I would wax more lyrical about what they're up to, but instead I'd just advocate you take a look at their site or check out some of Steve's presentations on YouTube.