Deutsche Telekom Trend Forum: embrace disruption and build a platform for innovative partners

I've spent most of the week in Germany. First stop was Bonn for Deutsche Telekom's Trend Forum where I (and the great and good of the analyst world) spent the day listening to their execs talking about DT's strategy. And a very interesting day it was too. Chief Product & Innovation Officer Thomas Kiessling and CTO Olivier Baujard took to the stage in the morning to tell us about their overarching strategy.

Essentially the approach, as outlined by Kiessling, is to embrace disruption and become a platform for innovation, in particular embracing partners. To achieve this DT is looking to get the most "broadband for your buck" to use a phrase from Baujard. The aim being to reduce the cost of providing connectivity. To do this they plan to simplify and scale.

I spent the afternoon talking to the M2M-related folks, Jurgen Hase, VP M2M Competence Center and Holger Knoepke, VP Connected Home. The macro approach given by Kiessling and Baujard in the morning is being neatly replicated within the BUs: providing a platform for partners to shine.

If this blog post seems a bit brief, that's deliberate. I've written up my thoughts in more detail and with rather more incisive analysis as a Research Note available as part of the Machina Research Advisory Service. If you'd like to know more, you'll need to become a subscriber. Mail me to find out more. If you're already a subscriber, the full Note will be published in a day or two.