Vodafone/Verizon merger "would make sense". What?

So I pulled up Fierce Wireless this morning and was confronted by this monstrosity: "Analysts: Vodafone/Verizon merger would make sense". Apparently Goldman Sachs (remember them?) reckon it would make sense for Verizon to merge with Vodafone. Because, you see, Verizon could demerge its fixed assets and merge its mobile assets with Vodafone. And that would all be brilliant.

I agree. It would make sense for Vodafone. They'd love to get full control (including branding) on Verizon Wireless. And that's why they've been trying off-and-on to do it for the last 5 years. What's stopping them? Verizon. They want to maintain a fixed and mobile presence. And what's changed? Nothing.

The article is right that they've been co-operating on a lot of things recently, not least M2M. After all Verizon Wireless is a 45% subsidiary of Vodafone. The ARE the Vodafone Group's presence in the US. Of course they co-operate!

OK, sorry, rant over.