Machina Research's ten predictions for M2M in 2012

Ahead of Mobile World Congress, Machina Research’s Directors have gazed into their crystal balls and have made the following predictions for what will happen in the world of M2M in 2012. We will score these forecasts and provide another ten in time for Mobile World Congress 2013. More details on our predictions is available on our website.

  1. A clear top tier of operator alliances will emerge

  2. Satellite operators and Systems Integrators will join global M2M alliances

  3. Android @home products will hit the marketplace

  4. 2G will become accepted as a long term technology option

  5. Some M2M platforms that currently partner with CSPs may begin to look like competitors to CSPs

  6. Huawei will launch an M2M platform

  7. There will be further restructuring in the module/chipset market

  8. MNOs will position themselves to take advantage of the growth in connected CE devices

  9. True standardisation proves harder than expected

  10. The mobile industry will agree on a definition of M2M, and start counting