America Movil wants more synergies between Telekom Austria and KPN. In M2M?

In the last few months America Movil has been on the acquisition trail in Europe. It now has a 27.7% stake in KPN and 23% of Telekom Austria, and with a view to taking larger stakes. With that in mind I began to wonder what the implications might be for M2M. Clearly the main impetus for the acquisitions was not M2M. However, America Movil has stated that it is looking for synergies between the groups (link here). Is there potential for synergies in M2M?

Initially it seems not. KPN has tied itself in to the emerging grouping based on the Jasper platform, whereas Telekom Austria is using its own in-house platform and does not seem likely to make the shift to Jasper. However, I understand that there is no specific bar to non-Jasper operators joining the grouping. That said, America Movil was not one of the founder members of the grouping despite being a Jasper operator. Possibly this is due to Telefonica being such a prominent member of the grouping.

Of course the situation is completely up in the air today and there is little clarity in how things will develop. Possible that Telekom Austria and KPN could be working much more closely in M2M though.


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