New white paper from Machina Research on M2M and Big Data

Jim Morrish referred to it in his recent blogpost and it's now here. Machina Research has just published a White Paper entitled: Big Data in M2M: Tipping Points and Subnets of Things.

Now, this wasn't just an attempt to crowbar two of telecoms hottest areas into one white paper. In reality a huge amount of value will be created in M2M through the analysis of data. There are two big questions for me: Firstly, how do we go from where we are today to this all-singing-all-dancing, IoT-enabled network of connected devices? And secondly, how do mobile operators capture some of the value created? These are just two of the questions that we tackle in the white paper.

I would write more about it, but I wouldn't do it justice. There's some really innovative thinking in there, looking at subnets of things (you heard it here first, and if you hear other people talking about it you should direct them to Jim) and the tipping points associated. Do yourself a favour and read it!

Right, I'm off to Mobile World Congress now. See you on the other side...


Anonymous said…
Can you please repost the Big Data link? For some reason it does not seem to be working - thanks!