As OneM2M issues its candidate release, some thoughts on standards for the Internet of Things

OneM2M, the standards collaboration body for machine-to-machine, has made its candidate release available. This is effectively the first draft, and a request for comment from industry. If you work in M2M/IoT this will affect you in some way, so it's worth your company taking a look. That's what I have planned for today.

At Machina Research we just published a Strategy Report on Standards for the Internet of Things, which deals with OneM2M. I wrote a blogpost for M2M Now, which might be of interest and contains my main take on the research. Rather than regurgitate it here, I'll let you read it over there.

Safe to say that standards will be critical to the success of the IoT. Standardisation of the service layer, as OneM2M is attempting, is probably the most challenging as it's very fragmented today and has a diverse range of demands on it from the key stakeholders.