Panel session from Mobile World Congress on monetising industrial data

I was over at Mobile World Congress a few weeks ago (my summary of the show here). One of my duties that week was hosting a panel on Cashing in on Industrial Data. This, for me, is the most exciting part of IoT at the moment. Below is the video of the session.

The background is that there is an emerging set of capabilities (some from dedicated companies, some as product lines from larger organisations) to allow enterprises to share IoT data, and other sources of data. There have been a number of terms used to describe it, including Data Hubs, Data Exchanges, Data Brokers and several more. I tend to use Data Hub. There is a range of roles to be fulfilled in this emerging ecosystem, including managing data ingress/egress, rating, charging, access control and many more. There are also a number of ways they can be architected, e.g. centralised versus distributed. The fundamental is that it is a multi-tenanted system that allows data to be shared (and maybe sold) between organisations based on criteria specified by the data owners.

I won’t try to summarise all of the elements here, because we do a pretty good job of it on the panel. Please forgive the stuttering start to my intro. It doesn’t matter how often I do these sessions, there’s always the potential for microphone challenges!