Is that really the best you can use AI for?

For my own interest I've been having a dig into AI use cases over the last couple of days. It's frightening to see the dearth of imagination when it comes to what's seen as being the hot prospects for application of AI. Actually most of the examples are really machine learning (if that) but are typically presented as AI.

The top use cases are *drum roll* fraud detection, spam filtering, image search, personalised marketing, dynamic pricing, logistics optimisation and a few other similar items.

I'm not going to belittle those, as they're valuable in their own way, but is this really the same technology family that is supposed to fundamentally transform the way businesses work and account for the loss of however many gazillion jobs? As far as I can tell the use cases presented by 99% of the industry aren't really transformational at all. Mind you, they're not really AI at all either.