Wireless Noodle Episode 17: The CES that never was...

This week Matt takes a look at the trends from the Consumer Electronics Show, which should have been happening in Las Vegas last week but instead happened virtually. Also a round up of a couple of other interesting webinars and conferences sessions, plus a new report from Transforma Insights looking at IoT connectivity.

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No transcript this week, but below there are some highlights of what was in this week's show.

First up was an entirely unscientific analysis of what happened at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in its virtual incarnation. First up was a load of security and connected home announcements including from Amazon on end-to-end encryption, Hex Home, Alarm.com, Cync, and a great idea from Samsung for reusing your old smartphones as sensors. There were lots of other useful new products, particularly focused on Water, Air, Health and Fitness. A sign of the times! There were surprisingly few crazy connected devices, compared to the heyday of such things in the early 2010s. There was the $3,000 cat flap, a robot butler and the world's most expensive bath (actually probably not even the most expensive, but pretty expensive). A few things were missing. AI, AR/VR and 5G were surprisingly thin on the ground. Although there was plenty of AI-washing and 5G-washing.

The next part of the podcast looked at some recent and forthcoming conferences/events/webinars including:

The IoT & M2M Council's V2X is the Future of Connected Automotive talking about the evolution from connected to autonomous vehicle.

Cellular IoT for Smart City: An Evolving Landscape - looking at the growing requirement for device management

[Hopefully the above two are available on replay via those links]

Also a preview of The Things Conference, which is happening next week. Matt will be talking about how to do forecasts, and running a workshop on it. So if you want your own forecast of how to get to 50 billion IoT devices, tune in. 

Finally, Matt covered a new Transforma Insights report on hyperconnectivity. Press release HERE.

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